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Vicky Hamilton

"Music Discovery Maven" 


Vicky Hamilton is a Grammy award-winning music industry executive, personal manager and writer.  She has been featured in VH-1’s “Behind the Music” and “Driven,” The BBC, The Biography Channel and documentaries.


As one of the most successful female music executives in the industry, Vicky has discovered and developed the careers of Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Poison, Faster Pussycat and many others.


Vicky’s over 30 years in the music industry also includes working as an A&R executive at Geffen, Capitol and Vapor Records and owned a successful independent record label, which won a Grammy for June Carter Cash.  Cumulatively, the acts Vicky has developed and managed have sold over 250 million units.  Very few industry players can say this. 


Currently, Vicky is finishing a worldwide book tour for her memoir, Appetite For Dysfunction; managing and consulting several music acts while developing a TV series and documentary and starting a new record label.

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Stream "June" on Paramount+ now! 


Stream "I Wanna Rock" on Paramount+ now! 

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Appetite for Dysfunction


Book Art by: Maxine Miller

Written by: Vicky Hamilton
A memoir from a Rock N Roll manager / 80's - Big hair, bigger egos


Vicky has been on a wild ride over the last 30 years in the music industry and has gifted us a glimpse of her journey in her very own memoir, Appetite For Dysfunction!

This memoir is about a small-town girl who follows her heart to Hollywood for her love of rock music and the musicians who make it. Vicky finds success as a music business professional, only to lose it all after chasing a dream that becomes a nightmare because nothing and no one are what they appear to be. It’s about hitting the bottom of a dark and lonely abyss to then climb out triumphantly and sober.


This book shares her undeniable optimism, hope and faith-eternal, and is a must read for anyone who is a music fan, curious about the golden era of the record business or is chasing a dream of their own!

Some of the artists that Vicky has worked with in their humble beginnings and explore in this book include; Guns N Roses, Mötley Crüe, Poison, Stryper and Faster Pussycat.


Audiobook now available!

Listen now on


Appetite for Dysfuncation



Feeling stuck as an artist?  Not sure what your next move should be?  Want a position in the music industry, but not sure what area of the business you want to work in?  Want an industry professional to hear your music and give you feedback? Ready for a manager, but not sure how to attract attention to your act?


Let Vicky help you! She might just know the perfect person to produce your music, PR person or social media influencer to help you get the word out about your project.  Who knows…she may love your music so much she might want to put out a single on her record label that has distribution with The Orchard, which is part of Sony Music!


She is available on an hourly basis as well as a 24/7 management consultant.  Hourly rates are $200. If you live in Los Angeles then you can meet you in person, or can have a Skype, Google Chat or Messenger call if you are anywhere else in the world.  





Record Label

Record Label

DARK SPARK MUSIC is Vicky's new record label for emerging artists.


This is her sophomore record label, following up to her first label created in 2000, Small Hairy Dog, which released June Carter- Cash’s, Press On, winning a Grammy for Best Traditional record.

This label is the light + spark which will set the musical world on fire. With label head Vicky Hamilton's track record, get ready to Strike and Ignite!         

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I’m A Thunderstorm


I’m lost like August Rush,

Following the music,

Hoping to find my home.


The notes fill the air,

Whirling, spinning yet turnkey,

Pressing stars with a wind battered kite in the night,

I listen and pray,

Galvanizing dreams that magically manifest.



Followed by a thunderous boom,

The rain pours down

Then rising back up,

Penetrating fame,

Then is lost once again.

It’s a romantic notion,

The roar of the ocean,

The calling of the lion heart,

Passion pierces the heart of creativity,

Somehow symphonic yet solo.


Moving in quickly,

Leaving the same way,

For the artists in my wake,

I’m a Thunderstorm.


 -Vicky Hamilton





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